VR image of Mega City

How civil engineering firms can grow sustainably through the Great Resignation

What are the keys to recruiting and retaining talented engineers?

Why FWV Background Texture Mega City

Off-planet possibilities more possible than you may think

New materials. New systems. New horizons.

graphic of woman walking through an office

Twin futures and a new space race

Better prediction can do much more than warn us. It will also be crucial in managing and enabling energy transition.

image of futuristic sustainabile city

New report outlines framework for innovation

What are the characteristics common to resilient, sustainable infrastructure projects? New research seeks to find out.

Perspective Additional H

The power of collective storytelling

Building the future will incorporate the talent and expertise of people from many different backgrounds and professions. And the secret ingredient? Storytelling.

Perspective Additional B

Today’s research, tomorrow’s Mega City

Engineers are working right now on the research innovations and applications that will make the future built environment possible.

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