Future World Vision Mega City 2070 provides an exciting and comprehensive look at how diverse, socially equitable, sustainable populations may live in the future. As you navigate Mega City 2070, you’ll see cutting-edge technologies developed and deployed by civil engineers, including robotic construction and autonomous drones traveling vertically and horizontally delivering supplies and moving people.

While this visual, explorative world is set 50 years in the future, civil engineers are working right now on the fundamental and applied research innovations and applications that will make it possible. ASCE publishes 34 journals that focus on all aspects of the civil engineering profession, including research and education. As part of the Mega City 2070 Future World Vision release, an initial body of literature, ranging from journal articles to reports published by ASCE, is being made available through a special online collection that crosscuts all Society journals.

The collection includes editorials on transportation systems of the future, seeking to answer questions of how state departments of transportation might prepare for future modes of transport, and what civil engineers must consider in future bridge design. For buildings and other structures, questions include: Can construction robots be the future? What role does augmented reality play in geotechnical engineering and building inspections? Can drones provide solutions?

Sustainability and resilience are key to navigating a future world from where we sit now, 50 years prior. Civil engineering researchers and practitioners are tackling these issues from every aspect. Articles included in the special collection consider the actions needed for water security later in the 21st century and how the changing climate is disrupting infrastructure networks.

I hope you’ll find this special collection and the Mega City 2070 digital platform thought-provoking. Check back often as ASCE expands this collection to further explore the exciting FWV Mega City 2070 discussions and experiences! 

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