Step 1

Click the install link and the download will start. It may take some time as it is a large application.

Step 2

When ready to open, you may be warned that you are opening an unrecognized app. Click "Cancel."

Step 3

To get past that, go to your Systems Preferences and choose "Security and Privacy."

Step 4

In that window, you'll see "Allow Apps downloaded from:" and the FWV Mega City app should show up. Click "Open Anyway" and you should be clear to open the app.

Step 5

Now, you can log in if you already have an account, or click "Don't Have an Account?" to create one.

Step 6

On the first screen upon entering Mega City, you'll have the opportunity to watch various tutorial videos for instructions about navigation and features as well as to take themed guided tours for an introduction to the content covered in the app – enjoy exploring! Don't forget to engage with other users by commenting or replying to comments in the callout informational boxes, or by participating in group discussions in your dashboard if you are a part of a group.